Defence activities


European leader in energetic systems

Pyroalliance has 50 years of experience in designing, producing and marketing high added-value energetic systems to meet defence market requirements (tactical and ballistic missiles, torpedoes, naval and aeronautical platforms).

These systems are developed and qualified to perform the multiple functions required to fulfil weapon systems missions: motor ignition/start-up, boost, release, ejection, deployment, cutting, thrusting, safeguarding …

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    We contribute to our customers’ success in numerous programmes (e.g. ASTER, CROTALE, ERYX, EXOCET, IRIS-T SL, MARTE, MICA, MdCN, OTOMAT, SCALP, SCALP Naval, TAURUS) by supplying solutions integrating components such as:

    • Igniters
    • Detonation to deflagration initiators
    • Deflagrating or detonating transmission lines
    • Ignition delay
    • Gas generators
    • Actuators
    • Cutters
    • Cutting cords
    • Retractors (locking or unlocking)
    • Hold down/release bolts and nuts
    • Normally closed and/or open valves
    • Mission neutralisation systems (launchers and missiles)
    • Submunition ejection systems
    • Stage release systems