Space activities


Pyroalliance has 50 years’ experience in designing, developing, producing and marketing mechanical and propulsive energetic systems for launchers, satellites and interplanetary probes.


Our high added-value systems, our know-how and our expertise have made Pyroalliance one of the select suppliers to the major prime contractors and space agencies (Airbus Defence and Space, ArianeGroup, Arianespace, AVIO, CNES, Dassault Aviation, DCTA IAE, ELV, ESA, IAI, SSL, Thales Alenia Space).

We supply products which are qualified to the highest space sector standards and which are not subject to ITAR regulations (International Traffic in Arms Regulations):

Our products:

  • Igniters/gas generators
  • Shockwave initiators
  • Arm and distribution boxes
  • Detonating transmission lines
  • Release rings and sectors
  • Neutralisation charge
  • Low-shock release mechanisms
  • Cutters
  • Thrusters
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    Pyroalliance has made, and continues to make, a significant contribution to Europe’s ARIANE 4, ARIANE 5 and VEGA launcher programmes by ensuring key functions such as:

    • solid booster ignition,
    • stage release,
    • stage neutralisation,
    • hold down and release of payload adaptors

    Pyroalliance has contributed to the success of the GLOBALSTAR 1 & 2, O3b (Other 3 Billion) and DMC3 constellations by ensuring hold down and release of satellites from the dispenser for Airbus Defence and Space and SSTL.

    Our systems are also flight-qualified on the SOYUZ, ARIANE 5 and PSLV launch vehicles.

    Our systems are also flight-qualified on the H-IIA and FALCON 9 launchers for payload adaptor hold down and release (LPSS clamp bands) by Airbus Defence and Space S.A.U.

    Pyroalliance also has a 100% track record in supplying systems necessary for in-orbit deployment of solar panels and screens, antenna reflectors and masts on multiple satellite platforms such as: Amazonas, Amos & Opsat 3000, Cassini / Huygens, Eurostar, ESA CUST, Eutelsat, Turksat, Gaïa, Hispasat, Metop, Rosetta probe, Spacebus and Turksat.

    These hold down and release mechanisms (HRM) are reliable pyrotechnical devices capable of meeting the most stringent space requirements for applications on satellites and space probes. These systems are compatible with NASA or European standard initiators.

    Supported by ArianeGroup, a world leader in missile propulsion and launch vehicles, Pyroalliance is already working on the development of new solutions to meet the requirements of future space systems.