Products and services

Space-inspired solutions for industry


At ArianeGroup, we leverage our proven ability to innovate, long experience in managing complex programs and expertise in risk management to help other industries by providing a broad array of products and services.


Industrial safety and security solutions

Our technologies make a major contribution to industrial safety and security, through products and services such as fire extinguishers and cold gas generators, gas generators for automotive safety, environmental and non-destructive testing, RAMS (reliability, availability, maintainability and safety) analysis and regulatory compliance, neutron vulnerability analysis, nuclear safety and more.

Naval solutions

RESUS – Rescue System for Submarines – has been standard equipment on German submarines for over 30 years, and is deployed by other navies as well.

Cilas, an ArianeGroup company, supplies the Safecopter helicopter visual landing aid system (HVLAS) to a number of navies around the world.