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Ariane Industry Days: a resounding success 04-21-2022 |  3 minutes


This April, ArianeGroup organized a two-day hybrid event for its industrial and institutional partners, space agencies and key sector stakeholders.

Ariane Industry Days @ArianeGroup



Ariane Industry Days was designed as a platform to closely examine topics regarding the space industry. Held in Paris, the event brought together the sector’s major players to prompt discussion about the current and future opportunities for space travel and exploration.

2022 is a pivotal year to secure Europe’s access to space: a changing industry, a new geopolitical landscape, and the November Council of Ministers for the European Space Agency (ESA). It was obviously of particular importance to set forth our vision for the future.

The Ariane Industry Days included a wide range of in-depth presentations, two round tables and two B2B discussion sessions. It was a resounding success overall, with a total of 300 participants and 160 B2B meetings over the two-day period.

Ariane Industry Days © Dominique Eskenazi



ArianeGroup CEO André Hubert Roussel commented after the event:

“Thoroughly convinced that in-person events are a must in the space industry, we assembled 300 participants (in person and online) from all over Europe. It was an opportunity to celebrate Amazon’s big announcement to use eighteen Ariane 6s for Project Kuiper, as well as to prepare for the years ahead: honing of our competitive edge, developing new disruptive technologies, and promoting industry unity to better envision the future of European human space travel. We need to move forward as one in order to make Europe stronger.”

André-Hubert Roussel © Dominique Eskenazi


We were delighted to welcome special guests and keynote speakers such as Stéphane Israël (Arianespace CEO) and Daniel Neuenschwander (Director of Space Transportation at ESA).

Stéphane Israël © Dominique Eskenazi


Daniel Neuenschwander stated: “Ariane Industry Days were a great opportunity to examine the future of space travel with historic industry players and newcomers. The additional European institutional space missions and the new Kuiper contract mean increased opportunities for Ariane 6. They will not materialize on their own, however. It will require efficient collaboration amongst ourselves and with our partners until its maiden flight and beyond.”

Daniel Neuenschwander © Dominique Eskenazi


Speakers also included ArianeGroup employees: Charlotte Bakouche (Head of Business Development, ArianeWorks), François Deneu (Ariane 6 Program Director), Jean-Christophe Henoux (Vice President for Future Programs), Franck Huiban (Civil Program Manager), Karl-Heinz Servos (Chief Operating Officer), and Thomas Tschirner (Civil Program Procurement Manager), to name but a few.


Thanks to everyone who made this event a tremendous success!