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ArianeGroup on board for Airbus’ zero-emission aircraft demonstration program 11-30-2022 |  3 minutes


ArianeGroup has signed a contract with Airbus to provide the infrastructure for refueling airplanes with liquid hydrogen and support Airbus’ hydrogen demonstration program. 

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ArianeGroup will leverage decades of experience in using liquid hydrogen for Ariane launcher propulsion. The facility will be operational in 2025.

The objective of the Airbus program is to ground- and flight-test an aircraft demonstrator fueled by hydrogen, in preparation for the entry into service of a zero-emission aircraft by 2035.

Lead contractor for the Ariane 5 and 6 launch vehicles, ArianeGroup has been at the forefront of liquid hydrogen management for more than 40 years. In addition, ArianeGroup brings proven space procedures for test and maintenance – its Vernon (France) Test Center is the largest hydrogen test center in Europe.

ArianeGroup, with its unique skills and know-how in the storage, testing, and use of liquid hydrogen, is helping new industrial sectors to accelerate their energy transition.”