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ArianeGroup x Biome: the new fashion–sport partnership is up and riding! 09-16-2022 |  3 minutes


Big fans of skateboarding and the streetstyle that goes with the sport, Germain (aka Dr. Nozman) and brand manager Lydia launched the Biome brand in 2018. And since they also love space, they are now launching an exclusive collaboration with ArianeGroup featuring the very first skateboard inspired by our launchers.


Dr. Nozman (Germain) with the ArianeGroup x Biome skateboard, sporting the sweatshirt from the Biome capsule collection ©Nicolas Jacquemin, Marker prod

How did Biome come about?

Biome emerged from our shared love of skateboarding and fashion. We called it ‘BiomeSB’ because a biome is a biogeographical unit. It refers to a group of ecosystems with identical ecological conditions. This reflects our own universe, where we bring all our interests together to form a whole. And SB stands for skateboard, of course!

What exactly is the connection between skateboarding and fashion?

Skateboarding culture is very much about the skater’s style and flow, so the way you skate and the way you dress are two very important factors. That’s why, today, the sport is also attracting big luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Balmain. A lot of our skater friends have become models for these brands.

What inspired you most for the Biome x ArianeGroup collaboration?

Linking the brand with Germain’s passion for science and space [read our interview with Germain here:] was one of our goals. To us, it makes sense creating designs inspired by topics we are interested in, while combining style and comfort.

Can you tell us about the different pieces in the collection?

There is obviously a skateboard featuring a design by the very talented French artist SKORP, inspired by the Ariane launchers. We have tailored our own vision of the different Ariane family launchers.

And what about the clothes?

There is a T-shirt and two sweatshirts with the same design of the rocket lifting off. The launch we attended in French Guiana really left its mark on us. The sweatshirts also feature embroidered detail, which we spent a long time on to make sure that each space element was clearly visible.

The collection has a definite local dimension, doesn’t it, rather like ArianeGroup’s European dimension?

Yes, the tops are designed and printed in France on recycled organic cotton textiles.

What would your biggest dream for this capsule collection be?

To see an astronaut wearing one of our tops in space or kickflipping the board in the ISS. It would be like WOW! Totally awesome!


Discover the ArianeGroup x Biome collection here: