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ArianeWorks selects MyCTO to prototype stage-recovery concept for Themis 05-20-2019 |  2 minutes

ArianeWorks, the acceleration platform launched by CNES and ArianeGroup last February, is geared notably towards ramping up development of the THEMIS low-cost reusable first-stage demonstrator, working in partnership with SMEs and start-ups.

To this end, it has selected MyCTO, a young rapid-prototyping firm in the Paris region spotted at the Station F campus through FrenchTech and ConnectbyCNES, to build a prototype of one of the stage-recovery concepts under study.

FROG test vehicle in development

The prototype will match the scale of a small test vehicle called FROG, itself in development. FROG is an elementary experimental vehicle designed to test—at a reduced scale, rapidly, cheaply and using an agile approach—several concepts for THEMIS, such as landing algorithms, automated operations and the avionics architecture. Conceived with CNES oversight by non-profit association Planète Sciences, Polyvionics and Cachan technology institute (Paris Saclay University), FROG will initially be fitted with a turbojet and ultimately with a small rocket motor.

ArianeWorks is an acceleration platform working on future generations of European space launchers. Comprising a 15-strong team given free rein to pursue their passion with the support of the exceptional expertise and capabilities that CNES and ArianeGroup are able to marshal, this structure is resolutely open to new and fertile partnerships with new players, notably innovative start-ups, research laboratories, SMEs and manufacturers.




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