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Avnier x ArianeGroup: eagerly awaited launch of cosmic capsule collection 11-30-2021 |  3 minutes


ArianeGroup and clothing brand Avnier will propel fashion into outer space with an innovative and limited capsule collection, the result of 40 years of aerospace engineering. The collaboration between well-versed French punchline rapper OrelSan, visionary designer Sébastian Strappazzon, and ArianeGroup, European leader in access to space, can mean only one thing: style is about to rise to dizzying heights and get some serious space cred.

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    @Avnier x @ArianeGroup -  A+AG21

    It helps to have friends in high places. A+AG21, a singular alliance for Avnier, came about thanks to the extraordinary technological expertise of ArianeGroup engineers who were able to develop an original, high-quality collection with avant-garde contours. The unisex clothing line has been designed to make dreams of space accessible; a bridge between humanity and space. 

    @Avnier x @ArianeGroup –  A+AG21

    A simple approach, and a glimpse of what may lie ahead, the initial capsule includes four wardrobe basics: a cap, a hoodie, a t-shirt and a scarf. The main pieces, however, truly reveal the highly advanced technology that went into these designs. Names such as Vulcain Thermal, Launch or Gravity, elicit the extreme conditions that vests, ponchos and pants are meant to withstand.

    @Avnier x @ArianeGroup –  A+AG21

    The technical documentation on the website provides key characteristics: advanced textiles with high thermal performance, materials with reduced mass suitable for space travel, and ergonomic design for enhanced comfort and movement. In a podcast series, ArianeGroup engineers describe in their own words the superior know-how that was required to create each item in the collection.

    @Avnier x @ArianeGroup –  A+AG21

    Not to be outdone, ArianeGroup is matching this exceptional launch with an exceptional event: a promotional video clip – a blend of industry, runway art and street culture – shot in the company’s Vernon plant. This news is all set to make cosmic waves in the rap world, where style is paramount. The future holds an entirely new dimension, another stratosphere!

    Keen on a look with a cosmic twist? Set your mouse for the click countdown: there will be only a few hundred pieces for sale on

    @Avnier x @ArianeGroup –  A+AG21