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Faces of Ariane 6: Natascha Menke, Mechatronics Technician for the upper stage of the Ariane 6 launcher 04-20-2021 |  3 minutes

We continue our interview series of employees who help produce the upper stage of the new European launcher

After a mechatronics technician internship at Airbus in 2018, Natascha subsequently joined the as a mechatronics technician on the upper stage of the Ariane 5 upper stage integration team in Bremen, Germany. For the last year she has been part of the team integrating the upper stage of the new Ariane 6 launcher.

What is your role in the Ariane 6 upper stage production?

I focus on electrical aspects. My job is to integrate sensors, cables, and other electrical equipment. As a mechatronic technician I’m also involved in mechanical work such as the integration of tubes and valves. I strive to apply my endurance, reliability and quality-oriented mindset. These are important when working in a team!

How do you feel about taking part in this exceptional program? 

It is an amazing feeling to be part of the team that built the launcher’s first upper stage. I was elated when we delivered it after months of hard work and overcoming a number of challenges.

What are your goals for the future?

I am eager to work on all the main elements of Ariane 6. It would help me improve my skills and I would be able to say I built a launcher from A to Z. I would also like to promote space industry tech jobs among young women. 


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