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[ITW] Florent Mathieu, founder of EikoSim, the future of simulation using digital imaging 05-12-2020 |  5 minutes


ArianeGroup embraces innovative solutions that are ahead of their time! Florent Mathieu tells us about his start-up, EikoSim.


What is the main purpose of the EikoSim solution?

At the moment, those responsible for the performance of mechanical systems under development don’t have full confidence in the results of their tests because the simulations produced to test and validate their original designs don’t necessarily utilize the same parameters. We integrate physical tests into the digital design chain, so can deliver more accurate simulations.

What led you to start EikoSim?

During our research work at the university of Paris-Saclay’s LMT laboratory, we realized that some of our industrial partners – in particular, ArianeGroup, Safran and Airbus – were not satisfied with the validation methods available to them at the time. They showed strong interest in our technology and that prompted us to set up EikoSim.

What are the benefits of using digital imaging for simulation?

To put it very simply, speed and cost. Because EikoTwin, which is an image-processing program, accurately transfers information between the design and testing departments by creating a “digital twin” that connects directly with the simulation engineer’s pre/post processing tools. This improves simulation quality and prevents the need for additional tests, which can be very costly.

What brought you into contact with ArianeGroup?

ArianeGroup personnel were already partnering us when we were developing this technology in the lab. They were the real-life experts in the issues and challenges facing the design/test process and had a vision of what we could achieve. That’s why we chose ArianeGroup as a preferred partner for a RAPID project.

Who do you have in your teams and why did they join your project?

Most of our team members are engineers and scientists. We started up in 2016 and there are now 14 of us, including six with PhD-level qualifications. They were attracted by our passion for providing our partners with software that will give them autonomy and increase their expertise in this cutting-edge field.

What can we wish for you in the future?

Quite simply to be able to continue supporting our clients as they develop more and more ambitious projects! We’re looking at international markets too, such as China, where we’ve just signed up our first distributor, and are keen to continue this growth in other industrial regions, particularly Europe and North America. Wish us success!