Space Inspiration

How space and ArianeGroup inspire artistic creation 11-17-2022 |  4 minutes


During IAC 2022 three artists from the worlds of fashion, photography, and music who are also huge space fans took part in a round table discussion about the relationship between space and art.

The three artists all had the chance of an “access all areas” visit to ArianeGroup’s Vernon and Les Mureaux sites. They talk about how space is an influence on their creative work, their impressions when they encountered the industrial reality behind science fiction, and the ways in which they have introduced this into their art.

From left to right: Hayley Edmonds (presenter), Mathieu Cesar (photographer and director), Myriam Aïlo (Managing Director of designer clothing company Avnier), Pyramid, musician

Myriam Aïlo

Myriam Aïlo is MD of Avnier, the Franco–Swiss streetwear brand established in 2014 by rapper OrelSan and designer Sebastian Strappazzon. Inspired by technology and the industrial milieu, Avnier creates novel, practical, and sustainable apparel and accessories, such as its innovative collection A+AG21, a collaboration with ArianeGroup.


"We wanted to connect reality with the ideas and images of space that live in people’s imagination and use fashion to create a bond between human beings and space."

Mathieu Cesar

World-renowned photographer and director Mathieu Cesar captured the public’s attention with his black and white portraits of iconic French electro duo Daft Punk for the release of their 2013 album Random Access Memories. He has recently brought out a book of photos entitled Vers l’infini et au-delà (“To Infinity and Beyond”).

@Mathieu Cesar

There was something magical about the experience for me. When you’re a kid, you dream about being an astronaut, and then, when I got a call from ArianeGroup, I thought to myself “My gosh, it’s not dream, this is really happening…”.


Pyramid is a music producer and one of the leading figures of the electronic music scene in France. He has composed soundtracks for several French and American movies, and has worked with a wide range of artists, such as Busy P, Yuksek, and Nekfeu, and also with top-flight brand names like Chanel et BMW. In 2019, Pyramid worked with ArianeGroup to create and record Atmosphere, an album celebrating 40 years of Ariane rockets


"I think we all have certain preconceived ideas about how rockets are built from having watched so many science-fiction movies, but when you see it with your own eyes, it’s not quite how you had imagined it. It’s extremely technical, futuristic, yes, but somehow very, very calm."

@ArianeGroup – From left to right: Pyramid, Mathieu Cesar, Hayley Edmonds, Myriam Aïlo


For Myriam, Mathieu, and Pyramid, working on a space-based project was a childhood dream come true. Their visits to ArianeGroup’s sites allowed them to creatively mesh the super-tech reality they encountered with their starry-eyed fantasies to produce some wonderful artistic creations.

When ArianeGroup’s unparalleled technical expertise meets such artistic talent, an extraordinary alchemy takes place – poetry and technology interwine to produce uniquworks of art.


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