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[ITW] ArianeGroup interview series: our space technology experts 08-31-2020 |  6 minutes

William is the chief systems engineer for the European SESAME project (Smart European Space Access through Modern Exploitation of data science) – and an electronic music artist to boot.

What does your job at ArianeGroup entail?

I am the chief systems engineer for the SESAME project, a European Union project led by ArianeGroup. It aims to make European launchers more competitive by using data science and digitalizing a large number of industrial processes.

Can you give us more context?

The project involves European companies and organizations with which we work on a daily basis. My job entails working hand in hand with our partners to recommend technical solutions to meet production and supply chain requirements. We have three years to make SESAME a success.

How did you come to join ArianeGroup?

After having obtained a degree in science and materials engineering, I decided to enroll in an aerospace engineering apprenticeship program and worked in the mechanical department at ArianeGroup in Les Mureaux. At the end of the work/study program, the company hired me to work in the supply chain department and manage its digitalization.

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    What skills have you acquired?

    My goal is to identify areas and implement methods for supply chain improvement. I simulate production and shipping processes with the aim of creating various crisis case scenarios to ensure we are prepared. As a result of what I have learned, I am now able to create technological building blocks that will make us increasingly agile and competitive.

    You are also a musician and an electronic music enthusiast.

    Yes, and I love art in general. While working on my engineering degree, I also studied fine arts in Blois. There is a technical aspect to electronic music that fascinates me. I love deconstructing tracks to understand how they work and how they were put together. It’s basically wavelength processing.

    Can you tell us more about your music?

    I first played in a band and then went solo with my Lanea project. My music has been influenced by funk, hip hop, and jazz. I produce music, give concerts and perform at festivals – whenever my day job allows it!