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Limitless Tim Peake 08-17-2021 |  3 minutes

“Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do anything”

Aiming once again to honour and support our colleagues who have applied to the future European astronaut program, we have combed through narratives of the 2009 recruits to give you a recap of their best tips. This week, Tim Peake takes us for a spin into space.

©Tim Peake


In his third book, Limitless, Tim Peake gives us a detailed account (with a fair sprinkling of British humor) of his journey to become an astronaut.


We learn how, step by step, a shy and modest boy developed his passion for flight: from a British army officer to an Apache helicopter pilot, flight instructor and test pilot who served around the world. With an impressive 3,000 flight hours under his belt, Tim’s story provides insight on what it takes to be a spaceflight player in 2021. 

Mind you, a healthy mix of audacity, perseverance and camaraderie is a definite plus if you want to work as a space engineer and are willing to push your boundaries.



Filled with fascinating and personal details, and based on exclusive diaries and audio recordings from his 2015 mission, Tim’s descriptions help readers to experience what spending time in space is really like:


“What surprised me was how entirely serene I felt. I was weightless, no forces exerting themselves on my body. To my left was the Space Station. Below me, gradually going into shadow was the Earth. And over my right shoulder was the universe.”



Telling of fears, sacrifice and deep wonder, Limitless offers lessons in life: ordinary can become extraordinary if we set our mind to it. Who knows? Maybe Tim Peake will inspire you to run a marathon in space!

Limitless by Tim Peake – recommended reading by ArianeGroup.