Space Inspiration

Lucas Nätcher: a French-German project with Pyramid for Ariane’s 40th anniversary EP. 12-29-2019 |  4 minutes


For the special mini-album to celebrate Ariane’s 40th anniversary, the electro artist Pyramid called upon Lucas Nätcher – who is also a musician with a passion for space – to add vocals to certain tracks on the EP. In an exclusive interview, Lucas talks about their collaboration, an epic musical journey bringing together German and French talent.

Could you tell us how Pyramid contacted you about this project?

I have known Etienne (Pyramid) for many years, ever since I went to one of his live performances. For this project, he contacted me to discuss the idea of a French-German partnership and I thought it was an interesting idea, quite different from the projects that I usually work on.

What did you know about Ariane before this?

As I am European, Ariane is the first name that comes to mind when I think of rockets. Like many other people of my generation, I have very clear memories of the Ariane rocket launches, which were fascinating, beautiful experiences.

How did you work together?

We listened to each of the mini-album tracks together and selected the ones that we thought could be enhanced by adding vocals. Then, once we were in the studio, the creation process was very natural. The subject matter was very inspiring for both of us and we wrote the words together, quite simply.

Your voice features on two tracks: Dreaming Machine and Love on the Edge. What sets these two pieces of music apart from the rest of the album? What was your musical contribution to them?

Although these two tracks fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the EP, I found them slightly less cinematic than the others, with more potential and space for vocals. Perhaps they are also closer to my own musical constellation.

What do music and space exploration have in common?

Every since I was small, I have been fascinated by the planets and the vastness of the Universe. Like Pyramid, I love synthesizers, especially analog synthesizers, which produce sounds that immediately evoke space for the collective human psyche. Perhaps this is because synthetized sounds are like nothing on earth or that we have heard before, so they take us on an imaginary journey into the cosmos.