Space Inspiration

Over to you (Take 2)! Discover a new series of infographics by an ArianeGroup fan! 01-11-2022 |  3 minutes


Many of you offer us your talents on social media and ArianeGroup is delighted to have such a creative community of fans

(These infographics are entirely the work of Geoff Barret (@geoffdbarrett). ArianeGroup is not responsible for the accuracy of the facts given in them, nor for any details of expression or presentation. They are reproduced here by kind permission of the designer.)

Geoff, who has been following us on the web for several years now, enjoys making infographics for each new launch in his spare time. 

©Geoff D Barrett


Fans who follow him on Instagram can discover information about the launcher and its payloads and missions at a glance. Geoff also knows how important it is to provide accurate information and always checks his content with ArianeGroup and our partners. 

©Geoff D Barrett


When he’s not working on his infographics, Geoff also enjoys creating trading cards about different astronauts, a bit like the baseball cards he used to collect as a child. We look forward to discovering his next creations.

Being a great ArianeGroup fan, Geoff never misses a competition we organize. Here, you can see him with Pyramid’s ‘Atmosphere’ vinyl EP that he won for taking part in our contest celebrating 40 years of Ariane launchers.

©Geoff D Barrett


If you are an ArianeGroup fan and you create content about our launchers, don’t hesitate to contact us on our social media networks and we will take a look. You might be the next one to take over the controls of our Space Inspiration section!