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SESAME: An Open Data Platform in the cloud era 04-07-2021 |  3 minutes


The SESAME project’s Open Data Platform represents a major innovation and heralds a promising future of collaboration for the European space industry.



ArianeGroup is leading a consortium of European companies and organizations to explore the best use of data science to boost Ariane 6’s competitiveness by supporting European cooperation in the field, under the European Union-funded project SESAME: Smart European Space Access through Modern Exploitation of data science.

A drive to share at the heart of the project

The SESAME project signals the willingness of European space companies to create new collaborative ways of working and to reduce costs, in particular through data science.

SESAME includes the creation of a collaborative platform on which space industry actors can share information and work together, even remotely, providing a means to facilitate communication between teams and ensure streamlined operations.

The cloud is key to efficiency for SESAME

The concept of a complete cloud solution became the obvious choice.

Demonstration of European expertise

A European space industry first, the thoroughly secure collaborative data tool is likely to inspire other applications. This cloud solution could be a bridge to a collaborative European future.