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Space Tech Expo 2022 in Bremen: the space place 11-23-2022 |  4 minutes


With 500 exhibitors and over 5,000 visitors over its three days, Space Tech Expo Bremen 2022 lived up to its promise to be a key meeting place for space movers and shakers in Europe


For ArianeGroup, Space Tech was the occasion to strengthen contacts with commercial and institutional partners. And because the ArianeGroup’s site in Bremen is so close to the Space Tech location, it was the ideal opportunity to show a number of high-ranking visitors around our state-of-the-art facilities.

ArianeGroup’s Industrial Director Karl-Heinz Servos, was very positive about the show’s impact. “As a company firmly rooted in the economic and social fabric of Bremen, Space Tech is an important event in our calendar. It was in particular the opportunity for us to reach out to and extend our dialogue with SMEs,” he said.

The international dimension was also very much to the fore. One example was the visit of the delegation from the French Aerospace Industry Association (GIFAS) to ArianeGroup’s Bremen site. The head of the German Aerospace Centre Anke Kaysser-Pyzalla was another VIP visitor to the site in Bremen during the event.

A large screen welcomed visitors to the stand, showing films and pictures of ArianeGroup’s flagship products and all the latest innovations

A full-size Vinci engine, which powers the Ariane 6 upper stage, was a major draw on the stand

Susie is an entirely reusable rocket stage project which replaces the launcher fairing

Astris is a true additional stage, called a « kick stage », that will further increase the versatility of Ariane 6 and enhance performance for new types of mission