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Successful O3b Mission: ArianeGroup dispensers fly on the Soyuz 03-16-2018 |  1 minute


First launch of the year for the Soyuz launcher that has put into orbit four new satellites of the O3b MEO* constellation, operated by SE Networks! It is also the fourth of its kind for the Arianespace medium launcher who deployed the constellation’s first 12 satellites in 2013 and 2014. Of note: on board, a dispenser made by ArianeGroup …


Delivered to Arianespace last October 9, the dispenser flew aboard the Soyuz which took off from Kourou this Friday, March 9 at 5:37 pm (Paris time). It was the 4th model manufactured on the Les Mureaux site for the O3b (Other 3 billions – Medium earth orbit) satellite fleet of which ArianeGroup is the sole supplier.

Concretely, the dispenser is a structure that can carry and position several satellites of the same constellation on the same mission, like the Sylda on Ariane 5.

Developed in 2011 by the ArianeGroup’s technical teams, it can carry four 750-kilo satellites.

From a technological point of view, this equipment uses a wide variety of production skills that ArianeGroup masters: mechanical machining, large composite parts, complex assemblies with precise dimensional requirements, cabling/telemetry and pyrotechnics (via its subsidiary, Pyroalliance).

A 5th model is already being produced for the last launch of the first generation of the O3b constellation, scheduled for 2019.

After the success of Galileo dispensers on Ariane 5, ArianeGroup demonstrates its ability to work with all launchers on the market and on all types of platforms.

*The O3b MEO constellation: (Other 3 billions – Medium earth orbit) provides a telecommunication service and broadband internet access.