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SUSIE and space exploration in the words of engineers Marco and Joost 03-02-2023 |  4 minutes


Marco and Joost work at ArianeGroup on the future of space exploration. Find out what they say about the SUSIE project in three short answers to three questions.

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    Marco @ArianeGroup
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      Three words that characterize SUSIE?


      1. To space

      With SUSIE, we will have a new way of getting into space. 

      1. In space 

      With SUSIE, Europe will be able to carry out new missions in space.

      1. From space

      With SUSIE, Europe will be able to bring people and cargo back from space with precision, safely and securely.



      1. Adaptable

      Adaptable, with a robust concept, because a robust concept is vital for adapting the vehicle to new users, new payloads, and different scales as needed.

      1. Surfing

      Surfing, because that’s the way I imagine controlled reentry: entering the atmosphere and controlling the ride down to the landing zone.

      1. Safe

      Because right from the start, SUSIE was designed with end-to-end safety in mind, not just during the launch, but through to landing and even after that.

      Three innovations that SUSIE brings?


      1. Capability

      With SUSIE, ArianeGroup will have new capabilities. For example, we will be able to bring things back to Earth, and obviously acquire the related technologies.

      1. Beyond Susie

      Beyond SUSIE, we see that we can develop entirely reusable launch vehicles.

      1. Being there

      With SUSIE, ArianeGroup will play a full part in this new human space adventure.



      1. From space

      Progressively, first for freight, then for crewed spaceflights, and later for other space transport capabilities.

      1. Reusability

      A reusable upper part meaning that we can use it again with minimum refurbishment so that it is competitive.

      1. Human spaceflight

      Until now, our support for human spaceflight involved sub-systems and systems, but now it will be on the vehicle itself, and that’s the real innovation.

      Three biggest challenges in creating SUSIE?


      1. Perseverance

      To build SUSIE, we will need to persevere. It will take time, so we must stand tall.

      1. Resilience

      Developing SUSIE will take time and we will need to be able to face challenges on the way.

      1. Political will

      It is important to have political support throughout the development of SUSIE and in the coming years.



      1. Ambition

      A clear European ambition for human spaceflight will be absolutely crucial to bring European industry together around a common goal.

      1. Stakeholders

      There are so many stakeholders in human spaceflight that we need to gather them around a shared project.

      1. Atmospheric reentry

      Getting into space is hard, but reentry is even harder. You need to get it right first time and in complete safety.


      Watch the videos of Marco and Joost’s interviews on ArianeGroup’s social media accounts.