With Ariane

The Final Countdown: a space-oriented talk show with Ariane 5 as the star guest! 11-19-2019 |  2 minutes


Another launch from ArianeGroup, but this time it won’t be a rocket! 

We’re pleased to announce The Final Countdown, an upbeat, fact-packed talk show lasting 1 1/2 hours to coincide with the next Ariane 5 launch planned for 21:30 CET on November 22.


This program will be of broad interest: from space fanatics to the simply curious and all those following Europe’s adventure into space. Its goals are:

  • Educational, to demystify some of the more nebulous concepts of space and to present Europe’s energetic space ambitions. 
  • Informative, to explain the macro-economic and geostrategic aspects of the space sector, so as to give a better understanding of ArianeGroup’s vision and long-term goals. 
  • Entertaining, to make topics that can sometimes be quite dense more accessible by having a little bit of fun. 
  • Interactive, to debate the underlying political and strategic environment surrounding space exploration while explaining the power dynamics of the various players.
  • Forward-looking, to encourage everyone in the sector to adopt an ethical and sustainable approach to Space.
So, all you space lovers, don’t forget to join us on November 22 at 21:30 CET.
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