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The hidden beauty of industry 04-28-2023 |  3 minutes


ArianeGroup is featured among the champions of industry in a Paris exhibition

If you are in Paris, you can see some wonderful behind-the-scenes images of what’s going on in French industry, in an open-air exhibition by photographer Christophe Lepetit at the Jardin du Luxembourg.


For more than 20 years, Christophe Lepetit has been roaming around France in a quest to reveal the beauty that exists behind the walls of the country’s industrial sites. He has put together a unique vision of a sector which is both mysterious and dynamic. Forty-two companies, including ArianeGroup, are featured in an exhibition of 80 pictures embodying the “hidden beauty of industry”, displayed at the Jardin du Luxembourg in the center of Paris.


They are beautiful images. With a cursory glance, you can appreciate the esthetic composition. But if you look closer at these intriguing and captivating photos, Christophe Lepetit shows us another dimension of French industry, its heritage, and its operation today.

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    The Vulcain® 2.1 cryogenic engine for Ariane 6’s main stage in the clean room in Vernon

    The aerospace industry inspires both pride and vocations. With the Ariane 5 heavy-lift launcher, for which ArianeGroup is the lead contractor, more than 110 missions have placed payloads of several tons into orbit, reinforcing Europe’s independent access to space.


    After the retirement of Ariane 5 in 2023, Ariane 6, the new European space flagship, will take up the baton. This modular and flexible pinnacle of innovation will meet the market’s growing needs while keeping down costs.


    “The hidden beauty of industry” exhibition is a rare chance to look behind the scenes of a spectacular and surprisingly poetic world, which makes inroads into our entire economy. The exhibition is on show until July 16, 2023.