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The mighty Ariane 5 launcher comes to Minecraft 03-17-2021 |  6 minutes


ArianeGroup highlights Elysium Fire, a talented Minecraft building team which has created a new map featuring Ariane 5

The Elysium Fire collective has unveiled their latest map for youngsters’ favorite game, Minecraft. It’s all about space, and offers a fertile ground for learning all about the cosmos and space technology.

The setting is an unknown planet. A sole object stands out against the barren surface. Come closer – it’s a rocket. Closer still – it’s the European Ariane 5 rocket, which has carried out more than 100 launches.

The map is a veritable hymn to the cosmos: a nocturnal dreamscape, lit only by a few moons, calls you to engage in a variety of hunts and minigames.

Space fans are invited to set off on an adventure which is both fun and educational – come and explore every nook and cranny of the strange planet. Playing is based on ‘parkour’ techniques: gamers need to jump from block to block to reach the top of Ariane 5 without falling off.

If you get to the top of the technological marvel that is Ariane 5, you will be rewarded by a stunning view of the vast universe spread out before you and you will even be able fly over the rocky canyons, if you play well enough to earn your ‘elytra’ wings.

Playing and learning are intertwined throughout the gaming experience. Six checkpoints give access to rooms where a mysterious space traveler has left some booklets. Inquisitive gamers can read about space and the renowned Ariane launchers, all to the dreamy music of French artist Pyramid.

Elysium Fire has found a fun way to share the passion about space and make knowledge available to all and encourage young people to learn more about the space industry and the great European Ariane project.

ArianeGroup extends a big thank you to the Elysium Fire map makers; we hope that your creativity will inspire budding space careers.


You can play by downloading the map below.