With Ariane

The #withariane campaign is in full swing 08-29-2018 |  3 minutes


Want to see Ariane 5 lifting off from your garden? It’s quite possible thanks to the promotional campaign on social media organised by ArianeGroup, Arianespace, ESA and CNES.

What’s it all about? How can I take part? Here’s how it works…

The promotional campaign organised by ArianeGroup, Arianespace, ESA and CNES to celebrate the upcoming 100th Ariane 5 launch is in full swing. Several thousand photos or video-montages have already been posted on Twitter over the summer.

Some are funky, some are funny and others are quite bizarre, putting Ariane 5 at the seaside, in the mountains and other unusual locations… Our web surfing fans have clearly adopted Europe’s launcher and are demonstrating their amazing creative skills.

You can see some fine examples below, but for a more complete selection go to our web site: https://www.withariane.com/fr/social-wall/

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    A dedicated web site

    On the www.withariane.com site you’ll find lots of information about Ariane in five sections: My Future #withariane; My Europe #withariane; My Daily #withariane; My Dreams #withariane; My Career #withariane.

    What’s our objective? To remind people in Europe that space is part of their daily lives, and that thousands of men and women throughout Europe are using their skills to create a space vehicle capable of boosting the launcher’s 780 tons beyond the earth’s pull.

    Join in the fun!

    Want to launch Ariane 5 from your garden? Of course you can!

    To take part, go to the www.withariane.com web site and see how to sign up. Take a photo using the Snapchat Lens to superimpose Ariane 5 on your surroundings. Then, you can either share your photo or video on Twitter using the #withariane hashtag, or tweet using the #withariane hashtag to ask us to place Ariane 5 on one of your photos!