Hand in hand

This is Fabrikarium 2020! 11-06-2020 |  4 minutes


This video gives you a glimpse of this three-day workshop bringing together people with disabilities, engineers, and volunteer makers, where ideas become ingenious inventions

For the second year, ArianeGroup and nonprofit organization My Human Kit joined forces to imagine and create assistive technology solutions to help people with disabilities with the challenges of daily life.

Engineers from ArianeGroup, volunteers from My Human Kit, and people with disabilities all got together on October 20–22, 2020 at the Humanlab fablab in Rennes, France, for three days of innovative hands-on collaboration. What they achieved is astounding!

We will shortly be bringing you other more detailed videos about some of the fabulous results of Fabrikarium 2020. What are Exofinger, MagicJoystick, Vespace, and Read For Me? Watch this space to find out.