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#withariane competition: a launcher, an anniversary, a community 03-06-2020 |  6 minutes


Last December, ArianeGroup launched its #withariane contest to celebrate 40 years of Ariane rockets. So many of you joined in! Here’s a look at just a few.


For the Ariane rocket’s 40-year anniversary and the release of our celebration EP “Atmosphere” by electro artist Pyramid, we launched a viral contest for our fans to immerse themselves in this sonic adventure.

Three Instagram and Facebook filters, inspired by the tracks from the EP album, were provided to take selfies and videos with.

With the Atmosphere filter, we gave space fans the chance to fly as fast as an Ariane taking off. Thrills guaranteed, any time, any place!

Ever wondered how an Ariane is built? The Vision filter gives you some answers by projecting the rocket’s technical plans onto your face. Our fans loved this sci-fi touch.

Our mission is to make space accessible to everyone. That’s what we’ve done for 40 years with Ariane and what we plan to continue doing. The Space Echo filter lets you visit the entire solar system, and even say hi to Ariane 6!


Our fans competed to find ingenious and unique ways to stand out; some participated on every platform, coming to life as heroes, like this Star Wars character.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm! The support of people like you for Ariane has been a real driver of our space ambitions over 40 years and today our desire is to go even further, together with you.

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