Summer fun

Four places to visit to learn about space and rockets


Eager to become a space whiz? Whether you are in France, Germany or the Netherlands, we have just the activities for you. Someone will have stories to tell when school is back!

Air and Space Museum - Paris-Le Bourget, France

Did you know that a few kilometres from Paris there are life-size replicas of Ariane rockets? Ariane 1 and the latest version, Ariane 5, are displayed on the tarmac of the Air and Space Museum in Le Bourget. The models are so big that a building permit was required for them to be set up. They even have lights so they can be seen by airplanes flying above.

Space Expo - Noordwijk, the Netherlands

The European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC), the European Space Agency’s main space science and technological research centre, also houses Space Expo, its own space museum. On display is a real Vulcain 1 engine. It was used for the first Ariane 5 flights. And it is the reason Ariane rockets can reach a 200 km altitude in about 10 minutes.

Cité de l’Espace - Toulouse, France

If you happen to be in the south of France this summer, make sure to visit Cité de l’Espace. Make believe you are an astronaut or explore the many exhibits the site has to offer. Check out the several spacecraft models such as the 53 m-high Ariane 5 and a real Vulcain engine. You will really be impressed by their size!

Universum Bremen - Germany

Universum Bremen, a space museum chock-full of adventures, is the perfect place to learn all about astronauts and the universe. The museum includes a temporary and interactive space exhibit. You can even experience changes in gravity thanks to an augmented reality installation: just like really being in space!

We hope you will enjoy these activities, and learn while having fun before you head back to school. What better way to love science than to experience it!