ArianeGroup Kids

Imaginary rockets – part 1

Do you want to draw a rocket but don’t know how? ArianeGroup has ideas. Here are a few drawings from avid collectors

Anaëlle (7 years old) is taking an entire museum of natural history – butterflies, plants, crystals – into space aboard her Ariane 5.

Louise (12 years old) also has a natural payload in her rocket. Where do you think her collection of flowers and goldfish is headed?

This drawing portrays another child’s decision to take a sample of Earth’s treasures into space. Her rocket’s propulsion system is revolutionary: balloons and soap bubbles! (Rose, 13 years old)

Aymeric (7 years old) plans on staging the likes of a European Football Championship in space. He made sure to include a ball, trading cards and training cones!

This rocket has a little bit of everything: Mélissa (9 years old) filled her Ariane rocket with all her favourite stickers. The perfect solution when you don’t know how to draw certain things.

Léa (10 years old) used the same technique. Who cares about sleek contours! The purpose is to fill up your rocket.


We hope these drawings have inspired you. What would you send into space in your Ariane rocket? We would love to see your artwork!