Imaginary rockets – part #2


School’s out! If you want an activity, here are lots of ideas on how to draw your favorite rocket. Look out for the boosters!


The large tubes on either side of the Ariane rocket are called boosters. They help the rocket to take off. Ariane 5 has two boosters; Ariane 64 has four. Why not imagine a spacecraft with more than that? Here are a few ideas:

Our first drawing, by Manon (12), shows that she is pretty familiar with the shape of Ariane 5 and its two boosters. She chose to give the rocket a spring look! We also could not help but notice her reference to our last mission for NASA, the American space agency

Diego (9) also gave Ariane 5 two boosters. He paid special attention to what look like flames coming out from the rocket. Actually, during take-off, a very, very hot gas shoots out from the launcher and the boosters to help the rocket lift off into the air.

Milan (7) knows that it takes a lot of people from many different countries to build an Ariane rocket. He drew lots of European flags on his rocket boosters. Do you know what countries they represent?

If you want to draw Ariane 64, which has four boosters, do what Laélia (7) did. Remember that the boosters are placed all around the rocket. You can’t see the fourth one because it’s on the other side of the spacecraft. So you only need to draw three of them!

Your rocket doesn’t need to completely realistic. Let your imagination run wild and draw your own kind of boosters. In this drawing, by Maki (10), Ariane 5 operates with purring cats!

And why stop at four boosters? Our engineers who design and build Ariane rockets must follow scientific rules, but you sure don’t have to. Draw a rocket with as many boosters as you want, just like Antoine (9).

Once you’ve decided how many boosters your rocket will have, you can imagine what the inside will look like. Check out this rocket-house that Elea (10) drew.


What about you? How many boosters will your rocket have?

For more ideas, read this article.

Enjoy the school break!