Who are the people that build Ariane rockets?

What does a rocket builder do and how do you become one when you grow up?


Have you ever dreamed about building rockets like Ariane? Read on to learn what rocket builders actually do. Let’s begin with engineers.

The construction of Ariane 5 and Ariane 6 rockets requires hundreds of engineers. Have you already heard this term but are not sure what it means?

Engineers are people who like to know how things work and how to build them. You could say they’re inventors! They design and build things that help to solve specific problems.

But what is a design? A design is a detailed drawing that shows what a rocket will look like, how to put it together and how it works (even before it’s built)! It helps to identify things that will be complicated to operate and to find the best solutions before actually building them.

First, engineers pinpoint a specific problem to solve. At ArianeGroup, the one they usually tackle is: How to quickly and safely place satellites and probes in space? That’s quite a complicated problem! It’s hard to escape Earth’s gravity (the force that makes you stick to the ground and not float away) and the journey itself is very dangerous for satellites.


There are many types of engineers. Each one focuses on finding solutions for a specific part of the rocket. Engineers specialise in electricity, in conduits and ducts, in computer programmes to steer the rocket, in engines, sound, weather, etc. If you think about it, there is probably something that you enjoy doing that is similar to what an engineer does.

If you feel it’s a job you would like, it’s important to develop your curiosity and to learn about all sorts of things. Sure, getting good marks helps. But if you have a hard time in math, don’t worry. There are many space-related jobs that don’t require an Albert Einstein mind. We’ll tell you all about them soon!


If designing and building rockets is what you want to do when you grow up, keep focused on that objective! The more you practice something the easier it gets. For example, if you want to be better in maths, try escape games: a way to learn and have fun doing it! Most of all, do keep your head in the clouds!