Satelliten und Raumfahrzeuge

400 N Bipropellant Apogee Motors

The 400N bipropellant thruster is designed for apogee orbit injection of geostationary satellites and for trajectory and planetary orbit maneuvers of deep space probes.

The 400N engine uses the storable propellants Monomethylhydrazine MMH as fuel and pure Dinitrogen Tetroxide N2O4 or Mixed Oxides of Nitrogen (MON-1, MON-3) as oxidizer. It is designed for long term steady state operation. It operates in a wide pressure range at regulated pressure mode.

The combustion chamber and a part of the nozzle are made of platinum alloy. That does not require surface coating, thereby allowing operational wall temperature up to 1.600°C (2.900°F) and thus maximum engine performance. The engine can be provided with supporting structure and thermal shield as completely assembled module on customer request.

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    Apogee Motor with integrated heat shield and thrust frame