About us


Quality is a mindset embedded in the DNA of our company

This means we are ceaselessly reviewing our processes and our attitudes to continually improve what we do and how we do it – more efficiently, more simply.

In such a critical industry as space, where quality is synonymous with safety and dependability, we have a duty to our customers and to ourselves not just to ensure the reliability of all our products and services but to always strive for ever greater quality.

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    Together with our partners and suppliers, quality is a mindset embedded in the make-up of our company, the responsibility of everyone, whatever their role.

    The level of quality we deliver, both in our products and in our relationships, is the hallmark of our durable competitiveness.

    Five key aspects, articulated around the watchword ‘space’, define our quality approach:


    We build safety and dependability into every step of the life-cycle of our defense and civil products and services.


    Together with our partners and suppliers, our vigilance is constantly centered on providing faultless products and services.


    We operate a lean management system focusing on added value for our customers and on competitiveness and agility through constantly improved processes and tools.


    We are consistently working to enhance customers’ trust in our products and services by listening the voice of our customers, developing a quality mindset and honoring our commitments.


    Our drive for excellence is embodied in all our employees who ensure the quality and safety of our products and services through their unparalleled commitment and integrity.

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      ArianeGroup is certified ISO9001, EN9100, AQAP2110 and COFRAC accreditation.