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Ariane 5, The Benchmark


ArianeGroup is the lead contractor for the production of Ariane 5, the most reliable launcher on the commercial market, holding the record for the number of successful consecutive launches. Ariane 5 is now the benchmark for space transport, constantly adapting to the needs of the operators and continuing to set new records.


2 models Flexibility and unparalleled reliability

As the spearhead of European space know-how, the Ariane 5 launcher has earned the confidence of its international customers and commercial operators through its remarkable reliability – the best on the market – and its flexibility. With its two versions, Ariane 5 adapts its configuration to the needs of the mission and can transport heavy payloads to low Earth orbit (LEO), several satellites to medium Earth orbit (MEO), or one to two satellites to geostationary transfer orbit (GTO), while optimising their operational lifetime, or it can launch several satellites at the same time using a dispenser.

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Ariane 5 ES is particularly well-suited to low or medium Earth orbits and to complex orbital insertion missions, such as the recent launch of four Galileo satellites.

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Ariane Legacy


Owing to its cryogenic upper stage, Ariane 5 ECA can thus carry up to 10.5 tonnes to GTO, meeting the needs of telecommunication satellites and scientific exploration missions.

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91Successful launches in a row

With a series of launches since 2003 that has enjoyed uninterrupted success, Ariane 5 has continued to strengthen its position as global market leader in commercial satellite launches for government agencies and commercial operators.

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Rosetta :


Herschel and Planck:
journey to the origins


Through its subsidiary Arianespace and the assistance of its European industrial partners, ArianeGroup constantly upgrades Ariane 5 to take account of the needs of and feedback from its customers. The improvements in launcher performance enabled a new payload record of 10.7 tonnes to GTO to be set, but also allowed an increase in the number of satellites placed in orbit by the same launch, or a significant increase in mission duration when so required. These changes are in line with ArianeGroup’s constant goal of improving the competitiveness of the Ariane 5 system, but also enabling it to benefit from the industrial advances brought about by the Ariane 6 programme.


ATV Jules Verne :
from the Earth to the ISS


Galileo :
an exceptional mission


A vast European industrial chain

As lead contractor for the Ariane 5 launchers, ArianeGroup coordinates more than 550 European companies working on the launcher, including more than 100 small and medium enterprises. It oversees the entire industrial chain, from management of launcher performance upgrades to final adjustments with the supply of the mission flight software, not forgetting production management. This includes equipment and structures, manufacture of the engines, integration of the various stages and launcher integration in French Guiana. The unique expertise acquired on Ariane 5 is one of the major advantages of the future European launcher Ariane 6 being developed by ArianeGroup.


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