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For us at ArianeGroup, customer satisfaction is not an objective. It’s just the starting-point.

Our customers

In our highly strategic, highly technological sector, our customers demand nothing less than excellence from us as a baseline standard. Our response is to strive to go even further, offer even more, applying the ethos of innovation-focused continuous improvement that is hardwired into ArianeGroup.

It is not enough to deliver on our customers’ specifications; we seek to thoroughly understand their own end goals in order to anticipate their requirements and increase the competitiveness and attractiveness of what we offer. We are committed to forging durable, trustful and intimate relationships with our customers, based on integrity and transparency in all our dealings, and characterized by open, dynamic dialog.


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    We have put in place numerous initiatives to promote and enhance exchange with customers, such as the Ariane Users’ Club, so that we can learn from them and integrate their feedback.

    We listen attentively to them with an open mind and a creative approach, never complacent, always proposing.

    Our vision of customer service is to be permanently ambitious for them. Our mission is to provide the best innovative, competitive solutions, to enable them to access all the space they need, and more.


    Civil markets

    Defense markets

    Our partners

    ArianeGroup was created to transform the European launcher industry to enable it to remain the most competitive and most dependable in the world. We do this by working with our European industrial and institutional partners, with whom we share the same commitment to excellence and competitiveness, for the benefit of our customers.

    For example, the Ariane 6 program is based on an ‘extended enterprise’ approach, associating key industrial partners in the design of the launch vehicle and in the achievement of competitiveness objectives. Each key partner leads a Competence Cluster, concentrating similar products or technologies in order to maximize synergies and standardization, thus optimizing unit cost.

    For defense activities too, the quality of each and every element delivered by our industrial partners is critical if we are to achieve the expected performances throughout the entire life-cycle of the system. Being able to maintain this network of industrial partners at the appropriate level of competencies is therefore an extremely important factor.

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      Space institutional bodies are at the heart of Europe’s space access capability, through their role in the development and utilization of launch vehicles, and as partners for developing tomorrow’s technologies and capabilities. Exciting new space missions and business initiatives, evolving policies and regulations, and accelerating competition mean that institutional partners are crucial for preparing for the future of our sector and ensuring a level playing field for European companies.

      We believe that collaboration among strong, like-minded players creates value for our industry, for our customers and for society at large. Therefore we consider that our responsibility as European space access industrial leader includes supporting and promoting our partners, fostering their competitiveness and innovation.

      Our main industrial partners