M51: A central part of French deterrence


The M51 missile – the key component of the French Strategic Oceanic Force – represents a combination of cutting-edge skills under the direction of ArianeGroup.

The M51 is a three-stage sea-land strategic ballistic missile designed to be launched from French ballistic missile submarines.

As a key component of the French nuclear deterrence force, it must possess exceptional performance while meeting the most stringent reliability, safety and security requirements.


Skills chain

As prime contractor on behalf of the French defence procurement agency DGA for the M51 programme for the French Navy’s Strategic Oceanic Force, ArianeGroup brings together the skills of over 900 French companies with a twofold objective: a constant quest for the highest level of performance and national independence.

Its responsibility covers upstream research, design, development and production of the missiles, the land-based operating infrastructure and the command and control system on board the submarines. ArianeGroup is also responsible for the system support in service as well as end-of-life disposal.

Constant anticipation

ArianeGroup constantly monitors the evolution of strategic systems worldwide in order to prepare the technologies and systems to respond to future operational requirements.


French companies involved in the M51 programme


suppliers directly recruited by ArianeGroup

7 000

jobs generated by the M51
(including subcontractors)