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Launcher stage delivery 02-04-2021 |  5 minutes

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We are space enablers

[ITW] Charlotte Bakouche on preparing the future with ArianeWorks

Charlotte, who holds French and Italian nationalities, has been working in aerospace for 13 years, with experience of working in…

2 days ago |  7 minutes
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Ariane news

ArianeGroup at the AITS Bremen Summit – we’re virtually there!

ArianeGroup is sponsoring the Aeronautics & Space Innovative Technology Summit (AITS), a must-attend event in which aeronautics, space and defence…

02-19-2021 |  2 minutes


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Once upon a launch

Ariane and Johannes, blazing the trail to Orion

From ATV to Orion: We celebrate a great event in space history, and are actively working on the next chapter…

02-16-2021 |  4 minutes
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Space Inspiration

Kellie Gerardi: Space is for everyone

In her memoir, she shares her experiences: from her crew rotation at the Mars Desert Research Station laboratory simulating life…

02-15-2021 |  5 minutes
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We are space enablers

[ITW] Violette Edwards – An ocean lover takes us on a deep dive into sustainability at ArianeGroup

After graduating with a Master’s degree in International Affairs and Risk Management from the Bordeaux Institute of Political Studies in…

02-11-2021 |  7 minutes
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Space Inspiration

Five animated films to take you on a fabulous space adventure – discover strange planets and their weird and wonderful inhabitants

ArianeGroup has prepared a short list of the best animated films about space, to take you on a fabulous space…

02-08-2021 |  6 minutes
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Ariane news

Ariane 6: First upper stage ready for hot-fire testing

The first complete upper stage of the new Ariane 6 launch vehicle has just left the ArianeGroup plant in Bremen, Germany.…

01-29-2021 |  3 minutes
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Ariane Gear

[ITW] C215 on how to humanise a rocket

It was like a Eureka moment for me. By that I mean that once I discovered stenciling, everything was different…

01-22-2021 |  7 minutes

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