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First encounter between the Ariane 6 central core and launch pad for combined tests 07-12-2022 |  4 minutes

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Ariane news

ArianeGroup focuses on innovation and decarbonization in the space industry at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

A major event of Deep Tech Days, the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit aimed attention at innovation and today’s toughest global…

03-17-2023 |  3 minutes
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Once upon a launch

Lift-off to the ISS and beyond…

15 years ago, on March 9, 2008, the first Ariane 5 specially adapted for very heavy payloads flawlessly launched the…

03-10-2023 |  4 minutes


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Innovation Culture

SUSIE and space exploration in the words of engineers Marco and Joost

Marco and Joost work at ArianeGroup on the future of space exploration. Find out what they say about the SUSIE…

03-02-2023 |  4 minutes
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Ariane news

Interview: Nicolas Giraud and Mathieu Kassovitz promote the release of the movie The Astronaut

When director Nicolas Giraud set out to make his movie, he reached out to ArianeGroup to help him make his…

02-23-2023 |  4 minutes
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Space Inspiration

Fly with The Astronaut, the new feature film made in collaboration with ArianeGroup

Coming to cinemas in France on February 15, 2023, director Nicolas Giraud’s new film The Astronaut offers moviegoers a tantalizing…

02-13-2023 |  4 minutes
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Ariane news

ArianeGroup + female students = Boost for the future

ArianeGroup Booster Award winner Franziska and her mentor Martin talk to us about their experience of this program of developing…

02-09-2023 |  4 minutes
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Space Inspiration

Ariane 5 as seen by Raúl and Charly, photographers for ArianeGroup

The photographers Raúl and Charly were invited by ArianeGroup to Europe’s spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, to capture the Ariane 5…

02-08-2023 |  4 minutes
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We are space enablers

Sketches of SUSIE: Marco explains all

All spacecraft start out as ideas. In this video, Marco, the man who imagined SUSIE, shows us how he envisaged…

01-31-2023 |  3 minutes

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