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Ariane 5: the last lift-off 07-06-2023 |  3 minutes

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Ariane news

Ariane 6’s journey to space begins at sea

The core stage and the upper stage for the first Ariane 6 flight launcher are on board the Canopéé sailing ship…

02-13-2024 |  4 minutes
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Innovation Culture

ArianeGroup + Elixir™ revolutionizing industrial waste management

Elixir™, set up in 2017 by ArianeGroup as a waste disposal facility offering a cleaner option to traditional incineration technologies,…

02-09-2024 |  6 minutes


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Innovation Culture

How ArianeGroup uses virtual reality every day

Our first steps in VR were made in the early 2010s, using software from Airbus Group Innovations, the Group’s central…

01-16-2024 |  6 minutes
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2023 Retrospective

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12-28-2023 |  5 minutes
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Innovation Culture

Leveraging ArianeGroup’s hydrogen experience to support new markets

The fight against global warming is indeed a global issue, which means eventually moving away from the use of fossil…

12-21-2023 |  5 minutes
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Innovation Culture

Artificial intelligence in the space industry

In the early 1990s, networks of artificial neurons, the first trace of AI, appeared in some development processes for Ariane…

12-19-2023 |  4 minutes
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Ariane news

Wow! Message from outer space

Ariane 5 may have been retired in real life, but it flies again in an epic adventure … on the big…

12-18-2023 |  4 minutes
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Innovation Culture

Water: the propellant of the future

Part of the Orbital Products Equipment & Services Directorate, Jean-Marie Le Cocq, Programme Manager, and Nicholas Harmansa, Systems Engineering Manager,…

12-12-2023 |  5 minutes

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