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First encounter between the Ariane 6 central core and launch pad for combined tests 07-12-2022 |  4 minutes

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The NASA Administrator, Bill Nelson, celebrates the success of the James Webb mission at ArianeGroup

A high-profile visit to pay tribute to the successful start to the mission by the international telescope launched by Ariane 5…

1 day ago |  4 minutes
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Space Inspiration

To infinity and beyond with our engineers! Can we really fly into space like Buzz Lightyear?

For all our young space fans, our engineers have carefully watched “Lightyear”, the movie telling the story of Buzz Lightyear,…

07-20-2022 |  3 minutes


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Ariane news

First Ariane 6 booster module on the launch pad

An important step in the Ariane 6 launcher combined tests

07-15-2022 |  2 minutes
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Press release

ArianeGroup selected for two European Commission calls for projects to speed up the development of Europe’s first reusable and eco-friendly launchers

Following the call for projects issued by the European Commission as part of its Horizon Europe program designed to encourage…

07-04-2022 |  3 minutes
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Ariane news

ArianeGroup at ILA Berlin 2022: Pictures from the show

ArianeGroup took part in the ILA Berlin International Airshow, held on 22–26 June.

06-29-2022 |  3 minutes
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Viva VivaTech!
ArianeGroup shares vibes with the public at VivaTech 2022

This year, at Viva Technology, ArianeGroup amazed the trade show public with an Ariane 5 launch in Paris, and reached out…

06-28-2022 |  2 minutes
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Press release

Ariane 6 central core for combined tests has now been assembled

ArianeGroup teams have completed assembly of Ariane 6’s central core in the all-new Ariane 6 Launcher Assembly Building at Europe’s…

06-27-2022 |  1 minute
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We are space enablers

ArianeGroup Booster Award 2022

Supporting young women to reach their full potential in STEM   ArianeGroup’s annual Booster Award recognizes and encourages the talent,…

06-24-2022 |  1 minute

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