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Ariane Remix: even more winners! 07-03-2020 |  5 minutes

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We are space enablers

[ITW] Claudia Flöte – Ariane is being built on the expertise of multinational teams

An expert in space technology, Claudia Flöte has spent her professional career supporting European access to space, covering technical aspects…

2 days ago |  6 minutes
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Space Inspiration

How Trevor Mahlmann rocketed into a career as a photographer

In the second of our chats with our Flight 250 guest photographers, Trevor Mahlmann tells us how he got started…

07-01-2020 |  5 minutes


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Space Inspiration

Ariane Remix: the winning sounds

From 26 May to 22 June, ArianeGroup held a remix contest for artists on the European electro music scene. The…

06-29-2020 |  5 minutes
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Innovation Culture

Focus on Prosial®: withstanding extreme launch temperatures

We use several materials that are highly specific to the field of aerospace – here are some facts and figures…

06-25-2020 |  4 minutes
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To the moon and beyond

Spacecraft – may the force be with you

The force of gravity, that is. For rockets, gravity poses the greatest challenge, and one of mankind’s most extraordinary exploits…

06-23-2020 |  8 minutes
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Arrival of the Vulcain Aft Bay (VuAB) flight model for Ariane 6 at Les Mureaux

The Vulcain®2.1 engine aft bay (VuAB) for the first flight of Ariane 6 has arrived by boat at ArianeGroup’s Les…

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Hand in hand

[ITW] Students, DARE to be a rocket scientist

ArianeGroup supports students’ aerospace initiatives: Willem van Lynden tells us about a university association that is aiming high. Graduate student…

06-12-2020 |  5 minutes
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Space Inspiration

[ITW] Getting Ariane’s best profile: tips from John Kraus, spaceflight photographer

Differentiate your work from that of others. Photography has room for more creative eyes, and unique work is a great…

06-09-2020 |  6 minutes

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