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Ariane 5’s First 2020 Launch is a Success 2 days ago |  3 minutes

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The Final Countdown: the show that gets you into space – with Ariane 5

The fact-packed, fun-packed 1½ hour live show starts at 9:20 pm CET (8:20 pm UT). There will be new studio…

01-15-2020 |  2 minutes


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Lucas Nätcher: a French-German project with Pyramid for Ariane’s 40th anniversary EP.

For the special mini-album to celebrate Ariane’s 40th anniversary, the electro artist Pyramid called upon Lucas Nätcher – who is…

12-29-2019 |  4 minutes
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Ariane 5 like you’ve never seen it before

Ariane has been captivating imaginations in Europe for 40 years now, with each launch a sublime manifestation of power and…

12-17-2019 |  4 minutes
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SPACE19+: fundamental, ambitious decisions for the future of Europe’s launchers

ArianeGroup, lead contractor and design authority for Ariane 6, and its subsidiary Arianespace, which markets and operates the Ariane 5, Ariane 6, Soyuz,…

11-29-2019 |  3 minutes
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Press release

Ariane successfully completes launch No. 250 and celebrates its 40th birthday

For its fourth and final mission of the year, Ariane 5 placed two communications satellites in geostationary transfer orbit (GTO), lifting…

11-26-2019 |  3 minutes
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Pyramid and ArianeGroup, reaching for the stars together

Pyramid is one of the leading lights of the French electronic music scene. The man behind the music is also…

11-22-2019 |  5 minutes
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Pyramid x ArianeGroup: When Music and Space Collide

Pyramid is one of the leading lights on France’s cutting-edge electro scene. And the man behind the artist has a…

11-22-2019 |  15 minutes

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