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ENGIE and ArianeGroup team up to develop renewable liquid hydrogen 09-10-2020 |  3 minutes

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Space Inspiration

Pint of Science 2020: a fully digital version of the international festival

In the current context, the science festival usually organized in bars and pubs in many countries and hundreds cities was…

1 day ago |  6 minutes
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Innovation Culture

Hydrogen: an essential element

Renewable liquid hydrogen could offer a solution in the quest for greener energy. This expertise could also provide answers to…

09-14-2020 |  4 minutes


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Space Inspiration

[ITW] Interview with Élodie Chabrol: Raising a glass to celebrating science at the Pint of Science festival, 7–9 September

After obtaining a PhD in neuroscience, Élodie started out as a researcher. In 2017 decided to channel her knowledge and…

09-04-2020 |  6 minutes
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We are space enablers

[ITW] ArianeGroup interview series: our space technology experts

I am the chief systems engineer for the SESAME project, a European Union project led by ArianeGroup. It aims to…

08-31-2020 |  6 minutes
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Space Inspiration

You’ll be dancing with the stars – #ArianeRemix playlist

The response exceeded our expectations – and proved that music and the realm of space reach out to us all…

08-26-2020 |  3 minutes
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Space Inspiration

Earth Day: we’re over the moon about our contest winner’s photos

To the Moon ! © Spla_Ta Spla_Ta, real name Axel Willerval, 26, lives in Arras, Northern France. He has loved…

08-17-2020 |  5 minutes
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Launching Ariane

Ariane 5’s Third 2020 launch is a success

For its third launch of the year from the European spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, Ariane 5, operated by Arianespace,…

08-16-2020 |  3 minutes

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