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Ariane 5: Unrivaled performance and reliability 12-28-2020 |  5 minutes

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Space Inspiration

Follow these three influencers and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of space

Athena Brensberger, better known as AstroAthens, is an American scientist who shares her passion for space on social media networks.…

1 day ago |  5 minutes
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Ariane news

ArianeGroup and CNES sign Agreement on Prometheus testing

Following the visit to the ArianeGroup site in Vernon by President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron, Minister of the…

01-15-2021 |  3 minutes


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Hand in hand

[ITW] Dr. Stephan Rudolph takes us inside IILS, a company working with ArianeGroup that wants to make engineers (even) more creative

IILS really just says what we are – an engineering company for intelligent solutions and systems. It’s the acronym for…

01-07-2021 |  6 minutes
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Ariane Gear

[ITW] Illustrator Samji creates a highly colorful universe where a rocket can launch a thousand dreams

I come from Kerala, India. What led me to become an illustrator is the understanding that you can make a…

01-05-2021 |  7 minutes
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Hand in hand

Fabrikarium 2020: Vespace reinvents mobility for the disabled

We present Vespace, a modular electrical tricycle made from recycled cycle motors, designed by and for the disabled. One of…

12-21-2020 |  4 minutes
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Hand in hand

Interview with Eric Brunner and Emilien Mingard: The Griffon engine demonstrator ready to spread its wings

Eric Brunner and Emilien Mingard are both studying for a Master’s degree in aerospace engineering at ISAE-SUPAERO and are members…

12-17-2020 |  8 minutes
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Ariane news

ArianeGroup signs contract with ESA to develop Themis reusable stage demonstrator

ArianeGroup has received a 33-million-euro contract from the European Space Agency (ESA), to begin the first development phase for the…

12-15-2020 |  4 minutes
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Hand in hand

Fabrikarium 2020: Exofinger – ArianeGroup seizes the opportunity to work on disability

When ArianeGroup employees invent for disability, Exofinger is the result. Exofinger is a motorized finger exoskeleton designed to make easier…

12-14-2020 |  4 minutes

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