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Spend your holiday among the stars with ArianeGroup’s book recommendations 08-05-2020 |  7 minutes

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Space Inspiration

What is there to see in the sky this summer? After Netflix and Chill, think Stargaze and Thrill!

From July 12 to August 23, you’ll be able to enjoy a shower of shooting stars! The Delta Aquariids will…

07-29-2020 |  2 minutes


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Ariane Gear

Here comes the sun: the Flight 253 emblem will light up your closet

Our team takes great pleasure in designing an emblem for each Ariane flight, in keeping with the traditions of the…

07-24-2020 |  4 minutes
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Space Inspiration

How do you see Ariane? We would love to see your vision of the rocket. Here’s one sent in by a fan

(This is entirely the work of Adrien Gasquet (LiftOffRockets). ArianeGroup is not responsible for the accuracy of the facts expressed…

07-22-2020 |  8 minutes
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Hand in hand

ArianeWorks, the innovation accelerator created by CNES and ArianeGroup, keeps up the momentum

Established in February 2019 to accelerate the development of future European launchers and in particular the reusable stage demonstrator Themis,…

07-17-2020 |  5 minutes
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Space Inspiration

#ArianeRemix: “Love On The Edge”, we have lift-off!

Today’s the day! The “Love on the Edge” EP, produced by ArianeGroup, is available now on all music streaming platforms.…

07-10-2020 |  5 minutes
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Ariane news

The ArianeGroup Kick Stage: taking Ariane 6’s versatility to new heights

Ariane 6 is designed to evolve, to be able to integrate new innovative technologies in order to stay at the thrusting…

07-09-2020 |  5 minutes
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We are space enablers

[ITW] Claudia Flöte – Ariane is being built on the expertise of multinational teams

An expert in space technology, Claudia Flöte has spent her professional career supporting European access to space, covering technical aspects…

07-06-2020 |  6 minutes

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