ArianeGroup and CNES launch ArianeWorks acceleration platform 02-21-2019 |  3 minutes


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    Press release

    Ariane 5’s First 2019 Launch is a Success

    Ariane 5 placed the Saudi Geostationary Satellite 1/Hellas Sat 4 (HS-4/SGS-1) and GSAT-31 telecommunications satellites into geostationary transfer orbit (GTO), lifting…

    02-05-2019 |  2 minutes
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    Press release

    Prometheus: Demonstrator of Future Engine passed its Definition Review

    Prometheus is an ESA program, initiated with the French space agency CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales). The contract awarded to…

    02-04-2019 |  3 minutes


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    Press release

    Successful second test firing for the P120C solid rocket motor for Ariane 6 and Vega-C

    This second successful test of the P120C is a major step in the development of the future European launchers, Ariane 6…

    01-28-2019 |  2 minutes
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    Press release

    ArianeGroup to study a Moon mission for ESA

    Regolith is an ore from which it is possible to extract water and oxygen, thus enabling an independent human presence…

    01-21-2019 |  3 minutes
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    Press release

    Prometheus: testing of the future lox-methane engine demonstrator begins

    Exactly one year after the signing of the Prometheus demonstrator development contract between the European Space Agency (ESA) and ArianeGroup,…

    12-14-2018 |  3 minutes
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    Press release

    ArianeGroup to deliver propulsion system for Germany’s Heinrich Hertz communications satellite

    ArianeGroup has been awarded the contract to supply a chemical propulsion system to place Germany’s experimental telecommunications Heinrich Hertz satellite…

    12-12-2018 |  3 minutes
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    Press release

    The 6th Ariane 5 launch of the year is a success

    This launch placed two satellites in orbit, with a total mass of 9,362 kg. The total performance required of the…

    12-04-2018 |  2 minutes
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    Press release

    André-Hubert Roussel to succeed Alain Charmeau as ArianeGroup CEO

    The Board of Directors of ArianeGroup has endorsed the proposal made by Airbus and Safran and has approved on November…

    11-26-2018 |  3 minutes

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