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ArianeGroup to supply new-generation SPRINT antenna reflectors for Airbus 04-13-2021 |  3 minutes

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We are space enablers

Faces of Ariane 6: Three questions for Ralf Gatzweiler, Ariane 6 upper stage product manager

Ralf Gatzweiler began his career in 2012 as a mechanical engineer. Today, as product manager, he is in charge of…

1 day ago |  3 minutes
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Innovation Culture

SESAME: An Open Data Platform in the cloud era

ArianeGroup is leading a consortium of European companies and organizations to explore the best use of data science to boost Ariane…

04-07-2021 |  3 minutes


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Once upon a launch

Flight V30 – The last flight of Ariane 2

Ariane 2 took off for the last time on 2 April, 1989, on a successful mission to deliver Tele-X – the…

04-02-2021 |  1 minute
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We are space enablers

[ITW] Joost van Tooren: To the Moon and beyond!

Joost has always been driven to explore and learn about other cultures. After university studies in his native Netherlands and…

03-30-2021 |  6 minutes
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We are space enablers

[ITW] Faces of Ariane 6: Thomas Probst, Production Management Ariane 6 Upper Stage

We continue our mini-interview series with Thomas Probst, Work Package Manager for Ariane 6 upper stage production in Bremen. He develops…

03-26-2021 |  6 minutes
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Space Inspiration

Elysium Fire: Utopian map-makers defying gravity

Jérémy, Teva and William – aka Bestofthelife, Ptichinois2nc, and Ecch0 – are a team of creative, technically savvy map-makers.

03-24-2021 |  6 minutes
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Space Inspiration

The mighty Ariane 5 launcher comes to Minecraft

The Elysium Fire collective has unveiled their latest map for youngsters’ favorite game, Minecraft. It’s all about space, and offers…

03-17-2021 |  6 minutes
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Ariane news

ArianeGroup awarded two study contracts for future Moon missions by Airbus DS

ArianeGroup has been awarded two study contracts to facilitate potential Moon missions covering phase A/B1 studies by Airbus Defence and…

03-16-2021 |  4 minutes

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