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[ITW] Talking space with ArianeGroup experts: Part 2 of our interview series 05-18-2020 |  5 minutes

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Space Inspiration

Will you be the new star of the “Love On The Edge” remix EP with electro artists Pyramid and Yuksek?

ArianeGroup’s remix contest is open from 26 May to 22 June – this is your chance to come on board…

12 hours ago |  5 minutes
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Innovation Culture

In close-up: Ariane 5, the record rocket! A look back at five memorable moments

The fastest speed ever achieved by an Ariane rocket was 37 476km/h (10,410m/s), for injection of the comet-chasing Rosetta probe…

05-20-2020 |  4 minutes


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Space Inspiration

Looking at the future of space propulsion with National Geographic’s new series, “Cosmos: Possible Worlds”

The original Cosmos was a massively popular TV series created in 1980 by American astronomer Carl Sagan, which generated a…

05-14-2020 |  8 minutes
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Hand in hand

[ITW] Florent Mathieu, founder of EikoSim, the future of simulation using digital imaging

At the moment, those responsible for the performance of mechanical systems under development don’t have full confidence in the results…

05-12-2020 |  5 minutes
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Our Saga

Ariane 3, doubles all the way!

The Ariane 3 story starts back in 1978, when it was decided to launch the development of a more powerful version…

05-07-2020 |  5 minutes
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Innovation Culture

Ariane 6 transport containers: thinking inside the box!

The emergence of Ariane 6 is triggering changes across processes and operations that have been in place for years. Now, the…

05-05-2020 |  4 minutes
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To the moon and beyond

Space exploration with Ariane: turning space fiction into space reality

Europe’s first deep-space mission, Giotto was the first spacecraft to take close-up images of a comet, visiting both the young,…

05-01-2020 |  7 minutes
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Space Inspiration

Tips for coping with lockdown? Ask an astronaut!

Samantha Cristoforetti pointed out that astronauts choose to go and spend time in the International Space Station and that they…

04-28-2020 |  5 minutes

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