Products and services

Solutions for spacecraft


ArianeGroup develops high-performance propulsion and equipment solutions for satellites and other spacecraft, as well as equipment and instruments for payloads on commercial, institutional, and science satellites.


Solutions for satellite platforms and space vehicles

ArianeGroup offers propulsion systems, equipment and services for satellites, from the biggest geostationary platforms to tiny microsatellites, and for other types of spacecraft, kick stages, service modules, landing modules – just about anything used in space!

We have developed exceptional expertise in all the different propulsion technologies, spanning solid and liquid propellants (monopropellant and bipropellant), all-electric and hybrid systems. Our solutions are keyed to each customer’s specific needs, ranging from the complete propulsion system to single thrusters, along with the required components and subassemblies (tanks, valves, etc.).

Our equipment range also includes all types of multi-payload dispensers for the launch of smallsats and constellations, along with composite structures, mechanisms, star trackers and more. In addition, we offer a wide scope of launch support services: consulting, testing, propellant management, etc.

Solutions for commercial and scientific payloads

ArianeGroup offers a wide range of high-tech equipment for payloads on commercial, institutional, and science satellites, including ultra-light antenna reflectors, scientific instruments, optronic (electro-optical) and optical equipment, optical coatings, etc.