Products and services

Solutions for launch vehicles


Europe’s leading rocket company, ArianeGroup is the lead contractor and design authority for the Ariane launchers, with more than 40 years of experience making commercial and military rockets, along with their propulsion systems. Other space companies, whether new or established, can call on our expertise to develop their launch systems, launchers and rocket engines.


Propulsion solutions for launchers

ArianeGroup is one of the few companies in the world to have mastered the fundamental technologies for launcher propulsion, including both solid propellants and storable or cryogenic liquid propellants (oxygen-hydrogen or oxygen-methane), for all types of launchers and stages, whether main, upper or kick stages, or strap-on boosters. Because of this unrivaled expertise, we can offer solutions precisely tailored to each customer’s specific requirements.

Subsystems and equipment for launch vehicles

The high-performance launcher subsystems and equipment offered by ArianeGroup draw directly on our legacy expertise in this field. We develop a wide range of structures, subassemblies and metallic or composite parts to meet your exact needs.

Our range includes not only dual launch and multi-payload dispenser systems for upper stages, but also tanks, complete nozzle assemblies, composite exit cones, thermal protection systems and energetic materials. We also supply, directly or via our subsidiaries, initiators, igniters, pyrotechnic components and sensors.