Industrial activities

Pyroalliance brings together mechanical engineering and energetic systems engineering to supply innovative, robust, safe and competitive solutions.

Our technologies offer new solutions in various sectors of industry for:

  • Safety of high-risk processes and installations (nuclear, oil, chemical, petrochemical, offshore …)
  • Fire safety
  • Safe storage of inflammable products
  • Safety of goods and people
  • Environmental protection against natural risks
  • Interventions in inaccessible and hostile environments (nuclear, underwater …)
  • Dismantling of installations and buildings
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    To meet the requirements of these different sectors, Pyroalliance has developed a broad selection of products, including:

    • Pyrotechnical valves and emergency actuators for ultra-fast closing and opening of pressurised piping,
    • Systems hermetically sealed to a depth of 6,000 meters (bolts, clevises, nuts, pyrotechnical shears, cutters),
    • Pyrotechnical cutters (cords) for disassembly or dismantling of metallic structures in all types of environment (marine, nuclear, industrial …),
    • Dump systems for management of flood situations at dams in the event of an emergency,
    • Pyrotechnical kits for smart cases used by fund carriers,
    • Automatic inflation systems (cartridges and perforators) for life vests, life rafts and helicopter flotation systems.
    Our main customers are: TOTAL PETROCHEMICALS, EDF, IEP Technologies, WASS, DCNS, TITANOBEL and QAPCO.