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Ariane 6 on track with two major milestones 04-06-2018 |  1 minute


Wednesday 4 April saw two separate important events in the Ariane 6 program.


In Bremen, Germany, the first propellant tank for the future European launcher’s upper stage was delivered to ArianeGroup’s new production center. This is a key juncture for the program, as the liquid hydrogen tank manufactured by MT Aerospace is the first structural component of Ariane 6 to enter into integration.

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    The hydrogen tank delivered by MT Aerospace to ArianeGroup’s new production center in Bremen, Germany, is the first component for the upper stage of the future European launcher Ariane 6. © MT Aerospace

    On the same day, the first nozzle of the P120 solid rocket motor which will power the Ariane 6 boosters left ArianeGroup’s facility at Le Haillan, near Bordeaux in France where it has been designed and built en route for the launch site at the Kourou space center in French Guiana. Test firings will be carried out there on the assembled motor during this summer.

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      Designed, built and assembled by ArianeGroup’s teams in Le Haillan, France, the first nozzle of the P120 solid rocket motor common to the future European launchers has just left for the Space Center in Kourou (French Guiana). © ArianeGroup
      Ariane 6 is really taking shape ….