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ArianeGroup becomes a key player in space surveillance for French Joint Space Command 12-14-2017 |  2 minutes

  • ArianeGroup has developed unique expertise in the detection and surveillance of objects in space, with its global ‘GEOTracker’ network
  • The company is providing geostationary space surveillance for the French Joint Space Command

A first space surveillance contract, signed in the autumn of this year with General Breton, head of the Joint Space Command, covers transmission of optical observation data. These data will be obtained from ArianeGroup’s GEOTracker network, to provide a situational picture of geostationary orbit in space.

The GEOTracker network of optical stations is entirely owned and operated by ArianeGroup, and provides permanent coverage of the entire geostationary arc, with the highest level of operational availability plus customized programming flexibility to meet changing customer needs. One of its main roles is to track objects in space in order to protect satellites from possible collision or interference.

While most space nations are gradually becoming aware of the risks to the space systems which are now essential for our modern societies to function, France has acquired an efficient tracking service to protect its strategic space assets, said Alain Charmeau, CEO of ArianeGroup. “ArianeGroup is particularly pleased by the trust shown by the Ministry for the Armed Forces and the Joint Space Command and thanks them for their confidence in our know-how and our expertise.”

Using a network of optical sensors around the globe and a centralized control center, the ArianeGroup GEOTracker network provides extremely precise positioning and orbit-tracking data for space objects in medium Earth orbit (MEO) and geostationary Earth orbit (GEO). These data are held in a permanently updated catalogue and are used by institutional and commercial customers through a range of securely managed operational services and products.

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