With Ariane

ArianeGroup partnering international “On the Moon Again” event, July 12 & 13. Be part of it! 07-04-2019 |  1 minute


On July 12 & 13, set your telescope up in a public place and invite passers-by to take a close-up look at our marvelous Moon.


Come and join in this global Moon-gazing event, of which ArianeGroup is a partner, taking place on July 12 & 13 at more than 600 locations in over 65 countries all over the world. It’s all about generating fascination with our Earth’s satellite and space by getting ordinary Moon enthusiasts (like you!) to share their passion and their knowledge with lots of other people.

The idea is very simple: if you’ve got a telescope, just take it outside, set it up in a public place, and invite passers-by to discover the Moon as never before.

To join in the event, register through the site www.onthemoonagain.org.

During the event, do post your pictures and stories on Instagram (tags @onthemoonagain and @arianegroup).


See you there!