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ArianeGroup’s GEOTracker® space surveillance service renamed Helix 06-05-2023 |  2 minutes


Using a network of observation stations around the globe and a centralized control center, ArianeGroup’s space surveillance service provides ultra-precise positioning and orbit-determination data for space objects in order to protect space assets from possible collision, interference or unwelcome contact.


The service has been renamed Helix. The new name marks the service’s extension to low and medium Earth orbits, for night and day operations, with enhanced precision, precision, in addition to the geostationary service which has been operational since 2011.


In order to permanently upgrade its catalog of thousands of space objects, Helix now includes new capabilities such as eye-safe laser ranging and imaging. The service is expanding and the network spans the entire globe, constantly improving how it meets customer requirements and the future challenges linked to the increase and densification of space activities.


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