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Assuming the role of aerospace engineer is serious business! 12-13-2021 |  3 minutes


ArianeGroup engineers have tested educational space games for you:

Apogée and Welcome to the Moon.


The Christmas holidays are upon us! Would you like some gift ideas for budding aerospace engineers? We asked our coworkers to test two realistic and bilingual educational, or serious games.




Let’s start with a game that made quite a buzz on social media. Designed by Sergio Matsumoto in collaboration with YouTubers Hugo and Maxime Lisoir: Apogée. Players assume the role of space mission directors and attempt to be the first to design and launch a rocket into space.

The game nevertheless requires some prior preparation and a good grasp of the rules. Once opponents have recruited their engineers, the next step is to design a launch vehicle by picking different Technology cards. Funding needs to be carefully monitored too!



The game’s attention to detail and its aesthetic design are outstanding. Space and science-fiction fans will love Marion Potier’s illustrations. Our engineers give a big thumbs up to the values that the game teaches: space missions require strategy and long-term vision, and engineers are key to their success. Finally, a nod to gender parity! The director and engineer cards feature both women and men in equal measure.

The game also conveys the importance of the rocket mass vs. thrust ratio to reach a certain orbit. One drawback here: the 7+ targeted age group. Seven-year-olds might be a bit young to fully grasp this rather complex game. The solo mode, however, is perfect to practice and hone your thought process.

Find out more about Apogée by Studio DTDA Games


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Welcome to the Moon is a tad simpler. Players are humans who leave Earth to colonize the Moon and set up a lunar base. The campaign-style game can be played at least eight times as there are eight different space missions, or adventures, which all require three draw piles of cards with numbers on one side and a specific action to carry out on the other.

The rules are straightforward: at the beginning of each turn, a card from each draw pile is flipped to make three number/action combinations. Each player simultaneously picks an available combination to score points. The game ends when a player has accomplished all three missions or has filled all the spaces on their sheet.

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Unexpected events during the adventures make players feel like the heroes of a story that changes as many times as you play the game.

This is an easier game that can help younger players learn about space exploration and the mining of resources on the Moon. Our engineers appreciated the fact that the game raises awareness about such topics, future considerations for ArianeGroup and the object of current projects.

Find out more about Welcome to the Moon by Studio Blue Cocker.


This year, space fans of all ages will find a special gift under the tree. Perhaps these games will spark interest in future careers in space. Let us know what you think and feel free to recommend other space games on ArianeGroup’s social media accounts.