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Two years after the success of the first capsule collection A+AG21, Orelsan and his fashion label Avnier are taking to the launch pad once again and heading for space. In 2021, the Normandy rapper and his associate, designer Sebastien Strappazzon, showcased the industrial world of ArianeGroup. In 2023, the same crew is back with a collection in tribute to “Ariane 5, The Legend”.

Going by the name “VA5AV”, short for “Vol Ariane 5 par Avnier” (Ariane 5 Flight by Avnier), this collection not only celebrates Ariane 5, it also spotlights the work of the men and women who helped write its legend. Reviving the memory of three iconic Ariane 5 missions – Juice, James Webb and Rosetta –, the Avnier and ArianeGroup capsule collection thrusts fashion further than ever before. A long journey powered by sheer will, the will to turn a vision into reality and bring the most ambitious projects to completion.


A capsule collection would not be complete without a work suit. And the showpiece of this collection is inspired by the work wear of ArianeGroup’s teams. A real work suit in the Avnier and ArianeGroup colors, with patches and emblematic features such as the Avnier vertical print, replaced for the occasion with ARIANE 5. The launch naturally includes a hoodie and matching sweatpants, with an Ariane 5 cap and black socks also on board. Each item in the collection displays great attention to detail and sports five stars, symbolizing the different versions of Ariane.

For the occasion, the campaign shoot took place in a location steeped in history, the Ariane 5 Hall, at ArianeGroup’s site in Les Mureaux, where the launcher main stages were produced. Amid the walkways and iron curtains, dozens of real technicians and engineers proudly pose in their element. Completely reworked with the help of AI, these shots show the models floating as if in space or in the flamboyant halo of a lift-off. When the flames mix with the pride and emotion felt by the teams at each Ariane launch, the result is VA5AV.

The new exclusive ArianeGroup and Avnier capsule collection is on sale now on

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