Space Inspiration

Five animated films to take you on a fabulous space adventure – discover strange planets and their weird and wonderful inhabitants 02-08-2021 |  6 minutes


ArianeGroup has prepared a short list of the best animated films about space, to take you on a fabulous space adventure without leaving the comfort of your couch!

Wall-E (2008 – Andrew Stanton)

Several hundred years in the future, humans have left the now toxic planet Earth and are roaming around space on board the vessel Axiom. Although robots were left to clean up Earth and render it fit for inhabitation once again, they all end up breaking down. All except one: Wall-E.

But all alone on Earth, this endearing robot is rather bored. Until the day he meets another droid, the captivating EVE… A poetic, hope-filled film!

Terra Willy, planète inconnue (2019 – Eric Tosti)

Just as they were preparing to return to Earth in a spacecraft, Willy and his parents are taken by surprise by an asteroid field that upsets their plans. Evacuated on a rescue vehicle, Willy lands alone on a wild and still unknown planet. Together with Buck, his ‘personal survival module’, and Flash, a cute little extraterrestrial creature, Willy sets off to discover this colorful, seemingly hostile but ultimately enchanting planet…

Voyage vers la Lune (2020 – Glen Keane)

As a small girl, clever Fei Fei’s parents told her a story about the goddess Chang’e who, according to legend, was waiting for her one true love on the moon. When she loses her mother, Fei Fei, who truly believes that the goddess is real, decides to travel to the moon to prove it. With her pet bunny Bungee, Fei Fei sets about building a makeshift rocket propelled by rails and fireworks…

Planète 51 (2009 – Jorge Blanco)

While on a routine mission, the not-so-smart astronaut Chuck lands on a new planet. But Planet 51 is already inhabited by little green men who do not welcome the arrival of this rather odd guy. Because here, he’s the alien! Fortunately, Chuck can count on a brave teenager called Lem to help him escape the clutches of General Grawl and maybe, maybe, get back to Earth…

Avatar (2009 – James Cameron)

Jake, a paraplegic ex-Marine, is transmuted into the body of an ‘avatar’ created from human DNA mixed with that of the native inhabitants of the planet Pandora, the Na’vi. His mission is to convince the Na’vi to leave their planet so that the mining company that employs him can extract to the rare, extremely valuable mineral unobtanium found there. But the Na’vi are not prepared to abandon their ancient sacred ‘hometree’.