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From fashion to space: video interview with Sébastian Strappazzon 11-06-2023 |  5 minutes


For the launch of VA5AV, the second Avnier X ArianeGroup capsule clothing collection, Sébastian Strappazzon, designer and co-creator of the label, talks about what space means to him and what inspires him in a film interview. A story he tells with stars in his eyes.

“When I was a kid, the Ariane rocket was something unreal, bordering on fiction. Today, thanks to Avnier, I'm really lucky to be able to work with ArianeGroup. I've never been so close to the stars.”

And Sébastian truly is close to the stars, working daily with French rapper OrelSan on garments for the Avnier fashion label, which they created together. The pair have recently combined their talents to bring out a second capsule collection with a definite ‘space’ look. They have always been greatly inspired by the extraordinary feats performed by the Ariane 5 rocket, which has just bowed out after a remarkable career spanning almost 30 years, and they have chosen to pay tribute to the launcher’s exceptional track record in their own inimitable way. Their collection references and reflects an incredible voyage that begins on Earth, in the ArianeGroup factories where the teams are busy building the rocket, and ends thousands of kilometres away in space, where Ariane 5 accomplishes its mission. The attention to detail in this tribute collection even extends to incorporating the purple fabric used by ArianeGroup to delicate sensitive parts of Ariane 5 before lift-off. Let’s hear Sébastian tell us all about it.