International Women in Engineering Day 06-27-2023 |  3 minutes


June 23 was International Women in Engineering Day. Two of our talented co-workers sat down for an interview: Andrea Luis, apprentice test engineer in the qualification, verification and validation department, and Celina Bollin, aerospace engineer in the technical department.


Why did you want to be an engineer?

Andrea Luis (AL): First of all, I was not drawn to a career in engineering per se, but rather to scientific fields, which I believe are particularly stimulating and varied. Much later, during a career assessment test, something clicked. Until then I had thought a job in engineering a little too highbrow for me, but it actually matched my skill profile, such as being organization-oriented and inquisitive, and having relational abilities. At that point, I decided to enroll in an engineering school that specialized in digital technology.

Celina Bollin (CB): I have always been fascinated by how things work and the power of innovation! What I love about engineering is contributing to the development of practical solutions while pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

What does it mean to be an ArianeGroup engineer?

AL: First and foremost, being an engineer at ArianeGroup means contributing to large-scale projects in innovative fields such as aerospace and defense. It also means being able to grow in a stimulating environment. The complexity and technicity of launchers is such that engineers who have a passion for space and cutting-edge technologies, can use it in their jobs.

CB: Being an engineer at ArianeGroup means working with brilliant people, and shaping and pioneering space transportation and other cutting-edge technologies. My childhood dream was once to become an astronaut; I was always fascinated by space. At school, I discovered my attraction for technology innovation. I am truly glad to be able to work on great space projects, which combine both interests.

What are you most proud of as an ArianeGroup engineer?

AL: As an apprentice engineer at ArianeGroup, I am proud of having gained credibility among my co-workers. It is not always easy to integrate an exclusively male “field” team. And yet, after three years on the job, I really feel part of the group and I fully contribute to the field of testing, one of the department’s activities.

CB: I am generally proud of contributing to the development of Ariane and other space technologies that enable humanity to explore new frontiers in space. We support several test campaigns, but the current Ariane qualification tests are especially interesting.

What advice would you give young women who are hesitant about enrolling in technical or engineering programs?

AL: Jobs in engineering pave the way for a wide array of industrial fields. If you are interested in innovation or scientific fields, go ahead. There is something for everyone! Engineering is a meaningful career.

CB: Do not let stereotypes or social norms hold you back. If you follow your passion and you believe in yourself, everything is possible! It is great to work in engineering; it combines innovation, creativity and teamwork. You will continuously grow while solving engineering problems. Internships and student clubs are a great way to gain practical experience.


Gender parity is one of ArianeGroup’s core values. Our goal is to attract talented women and men in order to promote skill diversity, enhance creativity and innovation, and ensure a variety of perspectives.