Space Inspiration

What does your dream rocket look like? We asked the kids! 12-10-2020 |  6 minutes


Take a look at these pictures of launchers dreamt up by our employees’ children. Buckle up for a fantastic trip!

Fascination with space begins at an early age and ArianeGroup is always keen to propel this space dream on further. So we organized a drawing contest for our employees’ children and grandchildren.

With 273 entries, the project was a huge hit.

All three age categories – 5–9, 10–14 and 15–17 – revealed incredible talent and the entries were bursting with ideas, like a “rockhome” (rocket-home), animal rockets, and a rocket with a thousand boosters. It looks like they’ve got the future of aerospace covered!

Our winners demonstrated not only ingenuity, an essential quality in designing for space, but also impressive technical artistry for their ages.

Mélissa (9) filled her Ariane 6 with all her favorite things.

Leïla (13) paid a subtle tribute to all the work needed to calculate trajectories and orbits, in her picture of a rocket heading off to explore new galaxies.

Maëlle (16) offered a new perspective on the future of space, in a truly original and highly inspired picture.

With so many excellent entries, choosing the winners was particularly difficult. So in addition to the main prize for each of the three age categories, the judges decided to award “special mention” prizes to three of the youngest children in the 5-9 and 10-14 categories.

Lou (6) drew a panda rocket: we particularly like the lower stage planted with trees to provide passengers with air and food!

Léonie (11) chose pop colors for a new Ariane 6 look, heading off on a voyage of discovery.

Our colorful selection ends with the picture submitted by Fine (6), who imagined a ladybird rocket decked with flowers to brighten up the skies.

Feel free to send us other pictures via our social media pages. It’s great to find out how our youngest fans see space and rockets!