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Wow! Message from outer space 12-18-2023 |  4 minutes


Ariane 5 may have been retired in real life, but it flies again in an epic adventure … on the big screen.


Wow! Message from outer space is a thrilling space adventure which will delight movie fans of all ages.


The film tells the story of two 11-year-old space enthusiasts who build their own homemade radio telescope to look out for signals from extraterrestrial beings. One day they do intercept a message from space, but nobody believes them …


So when the European Space Agency offers the chance to be present at an Ariane 5 launch, they smuggle themselves aboard the rocket.


They embark on an exciting adventure in which they are confronted with the realities of managing life in space and the mystery of extraterrestrial signals – and how they are going to get back home safely. Will they make it?


On show now in cinemas in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.


The European Space Agency (ESA) mascot Paxi at the movie premiere of Wow! Message from outer space
© Constantin Film Verleih GmbH / Gisela Schober