Follow these three influencers and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of space


You can find everything on Internet but identifying reliable sources of knowledge, science, and aerospace can sometimes be a bit daunting. Here ArianeGroup presents three of its favorite influencers, whatever language you speak



AstroAthens peps up her TikToks

Athena Brensberger, better known as AstroAthens, is an American scientist who shares her passion for space on social media networks. You can find her mainly on Instagram (IGTV), TikTok and YouTube where she reports on space news and explains how physics and rockets work. She was one of the hosts of our programme The Final Countdown and will soon be appearing with a series of videos about the Guiana Space Center and Ariane 6.


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Click here to see The Final Countdown with Athena (Ariane flights 250 and 251)





Checker Tobi digs out the whole truth on YouTube

Tobias Krell (shown here on the left with the head of production at ArianeGroup’s site in Bremen, Germany) is a German YouTuber known as Checker Tobi, one of the members of the YouTube channel CHECKER WELT, with his mates Checker Can and Checker Julian. Wondering why they are all called ‘checker’? Because their goal is to check out all the preconceived ideas about life on our planet! They take a scientific approach to their investigations and talk to experts, engineers, and other reliable sources to explain the world around us. Tobi recently visited our site in Bremen to shoot an episode about Ariane 6 that will soon be released on YouTube!


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AstroPierre reveals the mysteries of the universe on Twitter

The space community is very active on Twitter and in many different languages, following live rocket launches or simply explaining the most complex technical facts. Pierre Henriquet, aka AstroPierre on Twitter, works at the Planetarium in Vaulx-en-Velin in France and answers all your questions with endless enthusiasm in French or English. From astronomy to aerospace, as well as numerous other branches of science, he shares his knowledge in a highly entertaining way.


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